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Beautiful Journey

Michelson Philanthropies

Welcome to Beautiful Journey, a powerful and uplifting podcast series presented by FirstGen, a Michelson Philanthropies initiative dedicated to empowering immigrant women through storytelling and programming that facilitates their pathways to success.

As one of FirstGen's flagship programs,
Beautiful Journey is hosted by Alya Michelson and combines two of her deepest passions—uplifting immigrant women and journalism— Beautiful Journey features a mix of podcast interviews that focus on lessons from courageous and inspiring women building their lives in a new country.

Through the art of storytelling, each month, we will present the many different adventures, difficulties, successes, and lessons that these women have encountered throughout their beautiful journey. We will also discuss the phenomenon that despite the isolation and need to reach out for help, female immigrants tend to lean towards their national groups to feel secure and welcome, and this is an attempt to create a safe community. 

Each story will be as unique as the women interviewed to present a raw and authentic experience for the listener.